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HAMPTONS English Tea Party

English Tea Party Catering Menu: Your Choice of Three (4) Tea Sandwiches


Fresh cut crudites vegetable basket with poached asparagus

bleu cheese and mustard sauce

Miniature scones and almond croissants Sweet butter, strawberry jam & orange marmalade



Herb montrachet, radishes and sprouts

Montrachet with cucumber and watercress

Cream cheese with sun dried cherries and pecans

Smoked salmon with cucumber and capers

Poached salmon with fresh dill

Shrimp salad Dijon

Tuna salad with diced vegetables

Egg salad with fresh herbs

Chicken salad with walnuts and dill

Grilled honey-lemon chicken with arugula

Roast turkey with dried cranberries

Smoked turkey with bacon and sprouts

Smoked turkey with brie and honey-cup mustard



A selection of our cookies, caramel pecan tarts and rich fudge brownies Chocolate dipped raspberry linzer heart cookies A platter of ripe strawberries presented with vanilla custard sauce


INCLUDING :Herbal tea service with lemon

INCLUDING :Heavy weight plastic ware, ice and basic service equipment

INCLUDING :Service Staff to set-up, serve and clean-up

Full Service Event

30 Person Minimum
$32.95 pp

Travel charges and a 15% service charge will be added.