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HAMPTONS Breakfast Specialties

Party Catering Menu: Please Choose From the Following:


Country Breakfast Basket (muffins, danish, banana

bread,almond croissant and mini bagels)
$5.95 pp

Includes: Regular and scallion cream cheese, butter and jam (15 person minimum)
Whole baked brie wrapped in puff pastry
$55.00 ea

Whole brie layered with strawberries, caramel

drizzle and walnuts
$55.00 ea
Yogurt and fresh berry parfaits with granola (10
$3.95 ea
Peanut butter and jelly on homemade banana
bread (2 dz minimum)
$1.50 ea
Quiches: Spinach, broccoli, mushroom OR ham
$17.95 ea
Frittatas: Zucchini/wild mushroom,
Tomato/sauteed leek, Spinach/roasted pepper
$18.95 tin (serves 6-8)
Frittatas: Bacon, potato and sauteed onion
$20.95 tin (serves 6-8)
LEO Frittatas: Eggs, lox and sauteed onions
$30.95 tin (serves 6-8)
Homemade noodle pudding
$19.95 ea (serves 6-8)
Mini crepes filled with caramelized apples (2 dz
$16.95 dz
Mini crepes filled with sun dried cherries, pecans
and montrachet (2 dz minimum)
$16.95 dz
Miniature assorted quiche tartlets (2 dz minimum)
$15.95 dz
Caramelized apple, onion and gruyere tartlets (2 dz
$15.95 dz
Smoked salmon and fresh dill quesadillas (2 dz
$20.95 dz
Bacon, Sausage or Turkey Sausage
$2.50 pp