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Pan-Asian Cocktail Party

Pan-Asian Cocktail Party Menu:


you get all of the following:

Japanese Vegetable Platter: cilantro-mustard dip

Sweet & Spicy Nuts: ginger pecans & 5-spice cashews

Sushi Rolls: california, spicy tuna & dragon rolls

Dumplings: pan seared, ginger-soy dip

Sesame Noodles: asian take-out boxes with chopsticks

Peking Duck Mini-Wraps cucumber & peanut sauce

Jumbo Thai Style Shrimp: spicy dipping sauce

Cantonese Baby Back Ribs: peanut BBQ sauce

Sesame Ahi Tuna: seared satay with wasabi creme

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon: teriyaki dipping sauce

Spring Rolls Filled with Shrimp: sweet & sour dip

Sesame Grilled Chicken Satay: tahini dipping sauce

Korean Grilled Beef Skewers: spicy ginger-chili sauce


Almond Cookie, Coconut-Brownies & Fortune Cookies

Strawberries & Orange Segments – Chocolate Dipped


20-29 people

30 person minimum



INCLUDES: Seared dumplings & Sesame noodle,
Peking duck and cucumber rolls, Jumbo Thai shrimp,
Ahi tuna skewers and Korean beef skewers.

Additional menu items and dessert are available separately.

(20 min.) $22.95 pp