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Breakfast Specialties

Breakfast Specialty Menu:
Your choices include the following:



Baked Quiche: broccoli, spinach, mushroom or ham
$24.95 ea
Frittata: tomato & leek, spinach & mushroom
or zucchini & pepper (serves 6-8)
$30.00 ea
Frittata: potato, bacon and onion (serves 6-8)
$30.00 ea
Frittata: eggs, lox and onion (serves 6-8)
$45.00 ea
Breakfast Egg Burritos – your choice:
asparagus & gruyere, mushroon & gruyere, bacon & cheddar, prosciutto & roasted peppers
$5.95 ea
Home Fried Potatoes peppers and onions
$9.95 lb
Brioche French Toast with strawberry sauce and syrup
$24.00 dz




Breakfast Basket: country breads & crumb cake (20 person min.)
$4.50 pp
Breakfast Bagel & Bread Basket: muffins, danish, croissants
& mini bagels (includes cream cheese, butter and jam (20 person min.)
$10.00 pp
Homemade Breads: banana, zucchini or pumpkin
$7.00 ea
Old fashioned corn bread (half sheet)
$20.00 ea
Old fashioned corn bread (quarter sheet)
$10.00 ea
Bread Basket: French rolls and currant walnut bread
$2.00 pp
Focaccia Basket: onion, tomato and rosemary
$3.50 pp




Whole Baked Brie wrapped in puff pastry
$60.00 ea
Brie & Strawberries walnuts, caramel drizzle
$60.00 ea
Yogurt Parfaits fresh berries and granola
$4.95 ea
PBJ: Peanut butter & jelly on homemade banana bread
$24.95 dz
Mini Crepe filled with caramelized apples
$26.95 dz
Mini Crepe with dried cherries, pecans & montrachet
$26.95 dz
Miniature Quiche Tarts with assorted fillings
$24.95 dz
Caramelized Apple & Onion Tarts with gruyere
$24.95 dz
Smoked Salmon and dill quesadilla
$24.95 dz
Sweet Noodle Pudding (serves 6-8)
$30.00 ea


$180.00 box