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Corporate Fabulous Finger Foods



25 Person Minimum


Party #1: Choose any Four (4) selections
Party #2: Choose any Six (6) Selections
Party #3: Choose any Eight (8) Selections
Party #4: Choose any Ten (10) Selections


Crudites and Vegetables:


Crudites baskets bleu cheese dip
Grilled vegetable kebobs with pesto
Platter of poached vegetables with homemade ranch


Imported Cheeses and Meats:


International cheese and fruit display
Fresh mozzarella with tomato & fresh basil
Skewers of mozzarella, tomato & artichoke hearts
Italian antipasto platter with slice meats, cheeses and grilled vegetables
Pecorino Romano with Tuscan salamis, olives and roasted peppers
Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto
Brie with fresh strawberries and candied pecans


Dips, Chips, Etc.:


Guacamole, Tomato salsa, Avocado corn salsa
Roasted corn salsa, Black bean salsa
Eggplant caponarta, Hummus
White bean dip, Greek tzatziki & Babaganoush
Tortilla chips, Terra chips, Pita chips


Southwest Quesadillas:


Roasted pepper and eggplant with fresh basil
Wild mushrooms with sharp cheddar
Roasted corn and zucchini with Monterey jack
Spicy chicken-eggplant and red onion with Monterey jack
Smoked salmon with fresh dill and montrachet
Shrimp with cilantro pesto and cheddar


Miniature Chive Crepes:


Sun dried cherries with pecans and goat cheese
Wild mushroom and spinach
Smoked turkey with caramelized apples
Garlic grilled chicken with sun dried tomato


Miniature Tortilla Wraps:


Peking duck with scallions, cucumber and hoisin
Asparagus, artichoke, sprouts and humus
Brown chili salmon with cucumber and julienne vegetables
Flank steak with roasted corn and French beans


Poached Ravioli:


Lobster filled ravioli with pumpkin dipping sauce
Cheese ravioli with basil oil and Pecorino
Wild mushroom ravioli with roasted pepper drizzle


Skewers and Satay:


Sesame tahini shrimp with peanut sauce
Asian BBQ shrimp with tangy sauce
Garlic shrimp wrapped with scallions
Sesame encrusted tuna with wasabi
Mango glazed salmon with fruit salsa
Brown chili glazed salmon with sesame seeds
Tequila-lime grilled swordfish with fruit salsa
Pecan chicken with honey-Dijon sauce
Cajun chicken with buttermilk-cilantro dip
Sesame tahini chicken with peanut sauce
Seared brown sugar glazed chicken
Tandori chicken skewers with mango chutney
Blackened flank steak with buttermilk-cilantro dip
Grilled sirloin with horseradish creme


Chicken Pinwheels:


Spinach, mushrooms and cheese
Broccoli rabe, yellow pepper and pine nuts
Prosciutto, sun dried tomato and basil pesto
Corn bread, sausage and tri-color peppers


Salmon Pinwheels:


Salmon filled with leeks and gazpacho sauce
Salmon filled with spinach and wild mushrooms


Bruschetta Crostini:


Grilled mushroom with sharp cheddar
Black bean salsa with melted gorgonzola
Prosciutto with smoked mozzarella




Spinach, scallion and feta cheese
Broccoli rabe, yellow peppers and pine nuts
Spicy Columbian beef and cheese
Mexican chicken – cilantro and black beans


Focaccia Crostini:


Portobello mushrooms – sun dried tomato
Shitake mushrooms – smoked mozzarella
Asparagus & pepper – melted gruyere


Brioche Panino:


Filet mignon with roasted peppers and horseradish creme
Grilled honey chicken breast with brie
Grilled garlic chicken, roasted eggplant and montrachet
Fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato and fresh basil
Black forest ham with brie and honey mustard
Pan seared salmon with mustard sauce


Panini Tramezzini…Baguettes bite sized:


Fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato and basil
Smoked mozzarella, grilled eggplant, roast peppers and saute spinach
Smoked turkey with brie and honey mustard
Lemon pepper chicken with grilled portobellos and sauteed spinach
Filet mignon with roasted peppers and horseradish creme
Filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms and garlic
Filet mignon with garlic and pepperoncini peppers
Black forest ham with brie and honey mustard
Prosciutto, broccoli rabe, roasted pepper and fontina


Hot Chafing Dish Hors D’Oeuvres:


Louisian crab cakes with Cajun mayo
Steamed or fried Szechuan dumplings with ginger-soy
Mini pizza – fresh mozzarella and sun dried tomato
Sesame chicken fingers with honey mustard
Chicken fingers with bleu cheese and hot sauce
Buffalo chicken wings with bleu cheese and hot sauce
Bourbon cured baby back riblettes
Cocktail beef, chicken or vegetable filled mini burritos
Mini potato pancakes – sour cream & caviar
Asparagus and wild rice pancakes with fresh fruit salsa
Coconut chicken with sweet & sour sauce
Firecracker shrimp with wasabi creme
Potato skins filled with bacon and cheddar
Mini Reuben sandwiches with Russian dressing
Mini grilled cheese sandwiches


Fresh Fruit, Cookies and Pastries:


Fresh fruit kebobs with raspberry dipping sauce
Ripe strawberries dipped in dark chocolate
Assorted cookies and rich fudge brownies
Miniature cannoli’s and eclairs
Chocolate ganache or Cheesecake square
Mini black and white cookies