Graduation Party Theme Ideas That Will Make Your Party Special

Graduation Party Theme Ideas That Will Make Your Party Special

A Graduation party is a brilliant way to celebrate the achievements and hard work of loved ones. Have you considered making yours a themed graduation party?  This is a fun way to bringing friends and family together! However, when it comes to graduation party ideas there are so many options you can choose from.

Here at Paul Evans Catering, we have some great graduation party ideas each centered around a theme.  


Dr. Seuss Graduation Party

Graduation party ideas - Dr Seuss
Graduation party ideas – Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss’ beloved childhood stories perhaps have some of the most fitting sentiments that go with graduation. Who doesn’t remeber, ”The places you’ll go?’ And what better a saying to compliment the occasion


Have some cat in a hat cups, hop on popcorn, and to top off the graduation party why not have green eggs and ham inspired menu with a sandwich luncheon spread including black forest ham and brie or egg salad and dill. Dr Seuss is a fun, whimsical theme to celebrate graduation and moving them into the phase of life.

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Luau Graduation Party

Graduation party ideas - luau
Graduation party ideas – luau


Aloha! When the sun is shining, it is the perfect opportunity to take the party outside. A luau is a fun themed for a graduation party. Set up a tiki bar, provide everyone with a lei, ( a traditional necklace of flowers symbolizing friendship or to honor someone in celebration). Dress the tables with colorful flowers your guests will be hula dancing past sunset.


A stunning menu of Hawaiian sweet bread and macadamia-pumpkin bread and Ahi sesame encrusted Poke (fresh tuna) with tropical fruit salsa will make this graduation party the one to top this summer.

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Schools Out Graduation Party

Graduation party ideas - Schools out
Graduation party ideas – Schools out

With a graduation party being the end of the time at school why not have one last school themed blow out with this graduation party idea. Write messages on a chalkboard, and decorate the house in school colors. A school theme is a great graduation party which will have everyone remembering the best times of their lives. Why not show how you think everyone is a ‘smart cookie’ with some delicious handmade cookies! A tasty and sweet sentiment everyone will appreciate.

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However, you choose to celebrate this year from all of us at Paul Evans Catering, congratulations to all of the graduates for your great achievements!