Surprise Your Special Someone with a Catered Valentine’s Day Dinner

Surprise Your Special Someone with a Catered Valentine’s Day Dinner

In only a few short weeks, boyfriends, husbands, fiances, girlfriends, wives and partners across the country will be planning a special Valentine’s Day dinner for their special someone. Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, and people go all out to surprise and treat their special someone on February 14 every year.

One way to truly wow your S.O. (significant other) this year is to hire a NY caterer to plan, prepare and serve a delectable and romantic private meal for two in your own home.

By surprising him or her with a catered Valentine’s Day dinner, you’ll be going the extra mile and stepping up your game a notch this year.

Here are some menu ideas for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Go Over the Top with Multiple Courses

It’s probably not often that you and your loved one either go out to dinner or prepare one at home that has more than three or four courses. Special nights may include four courses — an appetizer, salad or soup, entrée and dessert — but Valentine’s Day calls for an over-the-top experience.

Consider a sumptuous seven-course Italian dinner.  This might include: 

1.) Antipasto: Simple cold meats and vegetables

2.) Il Primo: Soup, risotto or gnocchi

3.) Il Secondo (the main dish): Protein such as meat, fish or poultry

4.) Contorno (side dish): Served with the second course that could be a side salad or cooked vegetables

5.) Formaggio e Frutta: Cheese and fruit that cleanses the palate

6.) Dolce: A sweet course of dessert

7.) Caffe: Coffee, tea, espresso or cappuccino

Serve Rich Foods for the Occasion

Another great option for your Valentine’s Day dinner menu is to focus on foods that are rich and scrumptious. Have your NY caterer prepare:

  • A salad starter with fresh blue cheese crumbles
  • Filet mignon in a classic brandy or peppercorn sauce
  • Potatoes au gratin on the side instead of the classic baked or mashed potato
  • Chocolate mouse and/or fruit-flavored cheesecake to finish the night off
  • Cappuccinos that are spiked with complementary spirits

Foods That Get You in the Mood

Certain foods, they say, get you in the mood…  Lucky for you, that’s exactly what a Valentine’s Day dinner is all about. Having a meal completely consisting of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs will hit the spot on Valentine’s Day.

The great news is that your NY caterer could build a dinner menu for you from start to finish that’s built around ingredients that get you in the mood, including:

  • Rocket greens as part of a salad
  • Appetizers that include raw oysters served on the half shell
  • Main course dishes that are spicy to kick “the heat” up a notch
  • Side dishes such as asparagus
  • Dessert that includes chocolate, watermelon, bananas, pomegranates or some combination of these ingredients

Choose a NY Caterer That is Focused on the Details

When it comes to surprising your special someone with a catered private Valentine’s Day dinner, you want to make sure that the NY caterer you choose doesn’t just prepare a good meal, but is focused on all the intimate details. This caterer should know how to prepare top-notch food with white glove service, and know the intricacies needed to prepare and serve a private dinner in a private home.

Choosing the right NY catering company is essential making sure that your Valentine’s Day dinner is a night you’ll both remember forever. Paul Evans Catering, a premier New York caterer serving Manhattan to Montauk, can help you do just that. 

Paul Evans Catering has locations in Long Island, The Hamptons and Manhattan, and can help you choose among endless menu options to help you pick the perfect menu themes, ingredients and courses for your special night. Visit their website or call Paul Evans Catering today to plan the perfect Hamptons party. Long Island (516) 889-4101, Hamptons (631) 288-5992, Manhattan (212) 321-1822.