Start the Year Off Right with a delicious New Year’s Day Brunch

Start the Year Off Right with a delicious New Year’s Day Brunch

After a long night of partying and watching the ball drop, there’s nothing like celebrating the new year one more time the next day with friends and family. New Year’s Day brunch get-togethers are a wonderful tradition that span multiple generations and are a part of many cultures.

While the New Year’s Eve party that took place the night before may get more attention than its follow-up the next day, there’s no reason to skimp on a good New Year’s Day party. And there’s no better way to do it than by hosting a party with a catered brunch menu.

If the first meal of the day is the most important, as they say, then the first meal of the year surely needs to be special. Follow some of these tips for how you can make your New Year’s Day brunch party extra special this year.

Go Big with Eggs

Eggs are a staple breakfast food, and they are a huge part of brunch, too. Instead of serving normal preparations of eggs at catered brunch menu, though, try preparing dishes where the eggs shine in new ways.

Your NY catering company can come up with some creative egg dishes that will showcase the breakfast staple by surrounding it with different and delicious ingredients. One fun recipe is the “eggs in the hole” dish, in which a hole in a slice of bread is cut out so that an egg can be cracked right in the center. This concoction is then pan fried with a sprinkle of cheese and a hearty green such as spinach or swiss chard, and finished with black pepper and flaky salt.

Other fun egg dishes can be a twist on the ever-popular avocado toast with an over easy egg. Your NY catering company can dress up this brunch favorite by incorporating interesting spices such as cumin or curry, or topping it with homemade hot sauce.

If you want a more elegant touch, try offering quiche. Bacon and gruyere is a wonderful combination, as is swiss and spinach. Ultimately, there are an unlimited number of flavor combinations you can create in a fluffy pastry where eggs play an integral part.

More Cake, Please

Pancakes, that is … and waffles, French toast and crepes, too. 

Brunch wouldn’t be brunch without sweet selections for the main course. So, make sure to offer at least one dish for those with a sweet tooth as part of your brunch menu.

To make your New Year’s Day brunch more special than your normal Sunday brunch,  go a little over-the-top with your menu.  

A great way to do that is to incorporate buttermilk, cheese and fresh fruit with your sweeter recipes. Cream cheese can be worked into the batter of traditional buttermilk pancakes, and the whole dish can be topped with a warm strawberry compote and fresh strawberries.

Prefer French toast? There’s nothing to be ashamed about making raspberry and mascarpone sandwiches, dipping those sandwiches into a cinnamon and vanilla infused batter and pan frying them over a hot buttered skillet. That not enough sweetness for you? Try topping it with a drizzle of warm maple syrup.

Sweet and savory are all the rage when it comes to waffles nowadays, and you can pay homage to the trendy chicken and waffles dish at your New Year’s Day brunch as well. Offer a Southern fried chicken dish with chicken strips served over a waffle batter that has Southern pecans inside. And instead of a normal maple syrup for dipping, why not try one infused with a good bourbon?

Don’t Forget the Coffee

There may be no more appropriate time for a nice steaming pot of coffee than the morning after New Year’s Eve. Of course, you are planning to serve the caffeinated beverage at your New Year’s Day brunch this year, but why not step up your game and go full-out barista?

Your NY caterer can create a truly impressive coffee bar with specialty coffees served any way your guests like them. They can also create old-standbys such as gingerbread lattes or regular cappuccinos.

For those who prefer the hair of the dog, a nice touch would be to offer coffee beverages with spirits such as Kahlua, whiskey, rum or brandy. 

The Right NY Caterer Can Prepare the Perfect New Year’s Day Brunch

New Year’s Day is about celebrating new beginnings. What better way to do that than by throwing the best New Year’s Day brunch party your friends and family have ever seen? 

Choosing the right NY catering company that can start the year off right is essential in a successful event. Paul Evans Catering, a premier New York caterer serving Manhattan to Montauk, can help you do just that. 

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