Bring football fans together with a Catered Super Bowl Party 

Bring football fans together with a Catered Super Bowl Party 

In just a few short weeks, the best teams from the NFL will face off in the championship game, which means only one thing: It’s time to start prepping your Super Bowl party menu! Just because our beloved New York teams won’t be playing in this year’s big game doesn’t mean you can’t bring family and friends together for a good time. After all, the Super Bowl is the most-watched TV event each year.

Typical Super Bowl parties feature buffalo wings, nachos or chips and dip, sandwiches, and pigs in a blanket. This year, though, it’s time to step up your hosting game. By using a great NY caterer, you could kick off your Super Bowl party to new heights.

Here are some ideas for how you can score big points with  your Super Bowl party menu this year to satisfy even the toughest crowd.  

Stick with the Familiar

While the idea with your elegant Super Bowl party is to surprise guests with out-of-the-ordinary food, you don’t want to completely stray from what are the traditional football viewing party menu items. 

Most people love buffalo wings, and it’s often a staple of Super Bowl party catering menus. However, this food item can often get messy, with sauce covering people’s hands and dripping down plates. For a new upscale twist on a classic, ask your NY caterer to prepare buffalo chicken poppers — lightly fried buffalo chicken flavored balls stuck on the end of a celery stick with a dollop of blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Next up, try some pulled pork sandwiches; delicious and easy to prepare. Instead of a crock pot full of pulled pork with rolls on the side for people to make sandwiches, step your game, and have your NY caterer arrange a beautiful serving tray with dry rubbed pulled pork. Next to it, offer a selection of BBQ sauce styles from around the country — mustard based from South Carolina, sweet sauces from Memphis and smoky sauces from Kansas City.

The guests will be impressed with your offerings of sides, such as a variety of flavored pickles, coleslaw and even an apple slaw.

Warm Up  the crowd with Piping Hot Dishes

Now it’s time for the surprising portion of your Super Bowl party catering menu. This is where you’ll serve foods not traditionally associated with football gathering parties that will catch your guests off guard but please them all the same. These dishes will all be designed with one thing in mind — to keep your guests warm on what is often a cold winter night.

Serve a piping hot cauldron of winter soup. Not only is it a warming and hearty dish, but it’s a comfort food staple that people flock to. The safest bets are to go with an elegant soup that most people will love — French onion and broccoli cheddar are good choices. Serve accompaniments for the soups as well, such as a bowl of cheese and toasted bread wedges for people to place on top.

If you think your guests are a little more adventurous, you could opt for a potato leek or butternut squash soup. Both of those flavor combinations are sure to please your football-watching guests.

For other main course options, your NY caterer could prepare a nice pot of corned beef or brisket chili, a spinach dip bread bowl or southern mac and cheese.

Themed Drinks

Super Bowl guests are often dotted with young and old. A great way to please all age groups at your party is to offer a drink menu that is themed around the colors of the teams in the big game. 

If the San Francisco 49ers make it to the Super Bowl, for example, you could feature a red drink to pay homage to the team’s colors. For the kids and men,  how about a a strawberry lemonade. For the ladies, a classic cosmo with a gold-colored sugar rim would fit well.

Choose a Great NY Caterer for Your Super Bowl Party Catering

You want to be the host with the most when it comes time to host family and friends for the big game. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire a NY caterer who can help you step up your hosting game a notch this year to prepare a truly remarkable Super Bowl party catering menu.

Choosing the right NY catering company is essential to kicking off the big game party with a splash. Paul Evans Catering, a premier New York caterer serving Manhattan to Montauk, can help you do just that. 

Paul Evans Catering has locations in Long Island, The Hamptons and Manhattan, and can help you choose among endless menu options to help you curate the perfect items for your Super Bowl party catering menu. Visit their website or call Paul Evans Catering today to plan the perfect Hamptons party. Long Island (516) 889-4101, Hamptons (631) 288-5992, Manhattan (212) 321-1822.