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Theme Appetizers

Catering Menu: Theme Appetizers


French Provencal Platter with Jumbo garlic shrimp, chicken pinwheels with spinach and mushrooms, cabernet-gorgonzola filled crepes, steamed baby vegetables, seared artichoke hearts & nicoise olives
10 Person Minimum (2/2/1++)
$11.95 per person


Italian Tuscan Platter with Fresh mozzarella, tomato and artichoke skewers, jumbo lemon-herb shrimp, broccoli rabe and pine nut filled chicken pinwheels, poached asparagus wrapped with prosciutto
10 Person Minimum (1/2/2/1)
$11.95 per person


South of the Border Platter with Guacamole, salsa and nachos, Cheddar-jalapeno quesadillas, ancho grilled sirloin skewers, mini BBQ chicken sliders
10 Person Minimum (dip+2/2/1)
$11.95 per person


Pacific Rim Platter with Tangy BBQ shrimp skewers, sesame chicken skewers, Peking duck wraps, miniature spring rolls, California rolls & Japanese Style vegetables
10 Person Minimum (1/1/1/1/2+)
$12.95 per person


Mediterranean Platter with Humus, Tzatziki and pitas, spinach-feta pastries, sugar/salt encrusted chicken skewers, grilled salmon skewers with lemon-garlic-mint, eggplant napoleon
10 Person Minimum (dip+1/2/2/1)
$12.95 per person


Maine Lobster Bake Platter with Miniature lobster rolls, Shrimp cocktail with “Bloody Mary” dip, Filet mignon “sliders”, Grilled corn cob minis, red potato , green beans with spicy mayo & chive sour cream
10 Person Minimum (1/2/1/+)
$13.95 per person