Passover Made Simple

Passover Made Simple

Paul Evan’s Catering has you covered.

With Spring just around the corner, the Passover holiday is quickly approaching. A meal full of tradition, ritual, storytelling, and a feast, preparing the Passover Seder can be a rewarding, but daunting task. This year, make it easier for yourself and call Paul Evan’s Catering for all your Sedar needs. From Matzo Ball Soup to the Charoset on the Seder plate, Paul’s got you covered.


The Seder Plate


Passover is all about symbolism. From the customs to the food, hidden clues unveiling historic events can be found all throughout the meal. The central figure of Passover is the Seder plate, a dish with six obscure items to represent aspects of Jewish history and the Miracle of Passover. These symbols, set the series of events for the meal. The Zeroah, a roasted shank bone, represents an offering to the Temple. The Beitzah, a hard-boiled egg, reminds Jews of rebirth. The Maror, bitter herbs, are used to represent the bitterness of slavery. Karpas, a non-bitter vegetable, is dipped in salt water to remember the tears of enslavement. Finally, Charoset, a delicious combination of nuts, apples, and sweet wine, represents the brick and mortar made by the enslaved Jewish people. While these stand as symbols for the Passover holiday plate, some are quite delicious too!


Other Passover Menu Classics



In addition to the Seder plate, other Passover staples include gefilte fish, brisket, matzah in all forms, and of course, matzo ball soup. A traditional Passover Seder will start with the reading of the Haggadah. This reading includes spirited singing of classic Passover songs, blessing of four glasses of wine, the reenactment of the ten Plagues of Egypt, search for the afikomen, and of course, is concluded by a feast.

Whether it’s your first time hosting the Passover Seder or you have been for a generation, Paul Evan’s catering can provide your family with as much or as little assistance as you need. Just a few side dishes or the entire Passover Seder, our chefs will carefully curate a personalized Passover menu to suit all of your Passover needs. This holiday, let Paul Evan’s catering help your family celebrate this holy day with a traditional Passover feast with a modern spin, leaving your guests feeling happy and full.


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