New York City Catering: Paul Evans has you covered!

New York City Catering: Paul Evans has you covered!

From the very large to the very small, catering services for New York parties and events is used by many New Yorkers in business and for personal parties alike. With dozens, if not thousands of NY catering companies to choose from, differentiating between options may seem like an immense task. One NYC caterer stands out above the rest; Paul Evans Catering. With curated menu options for whatever your party or event requires, Paul Evans Catering has got you covered. No matter the event, Paul Evans has the chops to provide the staff, food, and experience to make your party a huge success.


Catering Services NYC

Each day in NYC, New Yorkers require different catering services for their respective events, but what type of NY catering service do you require?


Kosher Catering

Kosher Catering NYC

Paul Evans Catering has a ton of experience with Kosher catering in NYC i. With a large Jewish community in the Greater New York City area and the city itself, Paul Evans is ready to accommodate religious dietary needs. All ingredients are of the highest quality and freshness to ensure the highest level of kashrut and authenticity. Paul Evans offers special menus for Passover, Yom Kippur, and Rosh Hashanah, combining traditional customs with new-age ideas for progressive yet classic Jewish culinary experiences.  


Corporate Catering NYC

As a cultural, political, and financial capital of the United States and the world, it is no wonder that New York City is headquarters for countless businesses, large and small. Thus, the city has a massive demand for corporate catering. From festive holiday parties to important business dinners, or breakfast meetings, companies want to treat their employees and clients with catering of the highest quality. From a simple early morning coffee and pastry set-up, to the most important meeting of the year, Paul Evans is ready to take your business to the next level with their NYC corporate catering.


Wedding Catering NYC

As new businesses open up shop throughout New York City, the population continues to rise. This city of dreams is a sweet spot for young couples starting out in their careers. Thus, it makes sense that nearly 120,000 weddings take place in the city each year. Paul Evans off-premise catering or staffed parties is ready to accommodate hosts’ and guests’ wishes and needs in an effort to contribute to every couple’s visions for their own special days. With years of experience and testimonials to prove it, NYC newlyweds love Paul Evans. During the stressful days of planning and decision-making, make the simple, right choice for NYC weddings with Paul Evans.


Small Event Catering

Small Event Catering NYC

When it comes to smaller events, caterers can often push this priority to the wayside, thinking the lower-profile events are not as important as the big ticket ones. For Paul Evans Catering, NYC small event catering is a huge priority. A birthday or retirement party, bereavement or holiday, even if it’s just a few guests, Paul Evans small event catering will have your guests feeling happy and comfortable. Paul Evans even offers “delivered parties”, with everything from food to serving utensils delivered straight to the door of the party venue, perfect for smaller events in NYC.


Vegan Catering NYC

When it comes to hosting events for people with strict plant-based diets, hosts can easily become overwhelmed and frustrated. But, fear not, Paul Evans offers extensive menu choices for people wishing for Vegan catering in NYC. With the rise in popularity of animal byproduct-free diets, including all meat, dairy, and eggs, every host is bound to have to accommodate to a vegan guest sometime soon. This “restriction” should no longer be considered a burden for hosts, especially with the help of Paul Evans Catering. It’s no wonder why more hosts are choosing Paul Evans for all of their event needs, even accommodating to vegan eaters.

With endless menu options and chef’s on-call to help curate your perfect menu, New York City’s premier caterer, Paul Evans Catering, is just a phone call away from helping you put on the event of your dreams. From weddings to birthdays, business meetings to summer garden parties, Paul Evans’ New York City team is ready to help you from start to finish.


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