How a Good NYC Catering Company Can Make Your Summer Wedding Sizzle

How a Good NYC Catering Company Can Make Your Summer Wedding Sizzle

Most brides and grooms want to make their wedding stand out, and a good NYC catering company can help them do just that. One of the best ways to create a unique experience for guests is to create a special summer wedding catering menu.

By choosing a NY caterer for your summer wedding that can create a menu revolved around the sights, smells, colors and tastes of the season, your summer wedding will sizzle, and your guests will feel cool and refreshed.

Here are some ideas on how your NYC catering company can help you throw a unique, fun summer wedding.

Serve Unique Refreshing Drinks

Summers in the New York City area can be hot, so it’s imperative that your NYC catering company provide a menu that is conducive to the heat because nobody is craving hot chicken soup on a hot, soupy day. 

One of the best ways to keep your guests cool is by serving refreshing drinks that utilize flavors of the season. It’s great r when your summer wedding catering menu takes advantage of local seasonal produce. Take advantage of in-season produce such as basil, blueberries, cherries, cucumbers and mint and more.

Interesting concoctions with these ingredients could be blueberry mojitos with fresh mint, spiked cucumber lemonade, and cherry basil spritzers. It’s not all about the alcohol, either. A popular trend is to provide non-alcoholic or “virgin” iced tea and lemonade bar options that can quench your guests’ thirsts and keep them hydrated in the summer heat.

Choosing a caterer for your summer wedding that is creative in how they utilize these local ingredients for refreshing drinks is a great way to make your summer wedding sizzle.

Cool Down Guests with Refreshing Appetizers

Summer weddings often integrate at least an outdoor cocktail hour (weather permitting, of course) before moving the party inside for a sit-down dinner. This means that your guests could be exposed to the summer heat as the sun is still blazing in the mid- to late-afternoon. 

One way your NYC catering company can help cool your guests down is to provide refreshing appetizers as part of your cocktail hour. Instead of hot appetizers, opt instead for a summer wedding catering menu that is focused on cold ingredients.

For example; mini grape tomatoes filled with cheese and balsamic, deviled eggs with fresh herbs, chilled shots of gazpacho or gazpacho in hollowed-out cucumber pieces, mini Caesar salads displayed on a bed of ice, beef carpaccio on crusty bread, and chilled brie cheese wedges topped with a fruit chutney on a cracker.

By pairing these cold, refreshing appetizers with your chilled-out summer wedding catering cocktail menu, your NYC catering company will be keeping your guests cool on the hot summer day.

Try a BBQ-Themed Entrée

Summer is synonymous with BBQ. So why not offer an entrée revolved around the popular cooking method? 

By choosing a caterer for your summer wedding that can optimize the menu to your desires, you can offer an elegant twist on BBQ foods that are normally reserved for more casual affairs.

For an impressive twist on the typical steak,  offer a spice-rubbed smoked lamb shank or prime rib, carved perfectly medium rare right off the bone or finished on the grill for those who prefer a warmer temperature. To cool it down, add a horseradish or yogurt sauce to complement the dish. Your NYC catering company could also offer grilled cuts of NY strip (in an homage to the region) or filet mignon.

Other creative yet elegant BBQ favorites would be hosting a pig roast and serving different portions buffet style. This would be an interesting twist on pork than other traditional summer wedding catering ideas.

Or try grilled BBQ chicken served with an elegant potato salad, and a grilled whole fish dish served with orange or lemon slices. Finally, offering grilled local, in-season vegetables such as asparagus and corn would be a great way to liven up your summer wedding entrée.

Choosing a caterer for your summer wedding that has a creative vision for the menu will please your guests with familiar ingredients while surprising them at the same time.

Display Your Desserts as Décor

To end your summer wedding catering menu, your NYC catering company could present a buffet of desserts displayed in a way that also serve as décor. By offering mini versions of classic summer dessert dishes, and decorating them with vibrant colors, you’ll be providing a touch of elegance to your summer wedding with a pop of color.

Include mini fruit pies served on sticks, bright parfaits with vibrant seasonal berries, shot glasses of milk served with a mini cookie on top, S’mores cut into miniature squares, different color cake pops arranged in a floral-like display, shot glasses of affogato (gelato served in espresso) and even mini ice cream cones.

The creative possibilities are literally endless for your summer wedding catering menu when it comes to providing your guests with sweet treats to end their meal.

Paul Evans Can Make Your Summer Wedding Sizzle

Planning a summer wedding catering menu can be challenging but fun at the same time. By choosing a trusted NYC catering company to handle your summer wedding catering, you’ll be given some great ideas and providing your guests with the best possible experience.

When choosing a caterer for your summer wedding, it’s important to go with a company that has years of experience and is flexible to adapt to your needs, wants and desires.

Paul Evans Catering, a premier New York caterer serving Manhattan to Montauk, can help you do just that. Whether you desire a low key delivered party, a fully-staffed, off-premise catered party or a full-staffed party with party planning services and rentals, Paul Evans Catering can make your summer wedding sizzle. 

Paul Evans Catering has locations in Long Island, The Hamptons and Manhattan, and can help you choose among endless menu options to help you curate the perfect items for your summer wedding catering menu. Visit their website or Call Paul Evans Catering today to plan the perfect summer wedding catering event. Long Island (516) 889-4101, Hamptons (631) 288-5992, Manhattan (212) 321-1822.