Fourth of July Catering ideas to help make your Summer Party a Blast

Fourth of July Catering ideas to help make your Summer Party a Blast

The typical summer party menu consists of the standard burgers, hot dogs and potato salad, but why not make your summer party a blast with some unique Fourth of July catering ideas?

There’s no better way to make your get-together the talk of the town than to let a NYC catering company create a unique summer party menu that pays homage to the traditional Fourth of July catering items in a unique way. 

Here are four Fourth of July catering ideas that’ll help make your summer party a blast.

Substitute Sausages for Hot Dogs

Almost every summer party menu includes hot dogs. And who can blame the grill master for making them a central point of the menu? Hot dogs are a tried-and-true staple of American BBQ. 

For a twist on your Fourth of July catering menu, though, sub in a variety of sausages for the run-of-the-mill hot dog. The great thing about sausages is that there are a wide variety of types of available that your NYC catering company can provide. You can have sweet or spicy Italian sausages, lamb, chicken, and other sausages made with specialty cheese and herb concoctions.

Perhaps the best part about adding sausage to your summer party menu is there are an endless number of topping options you can offer. Instead of the bland yellow mustard, ketchup and relish, create unique and complementary toppings for each sausage you’re serving.

A lamb sausage could pair perfectly with a red onion jam and feta cheese. Grilled peppers and onions are the natural topping to a sweet Italian sausage.

Perhaps a stone ground wine mustard paired with sauerkraut atop a bratwurst. Yum, the options are literally endless.

Offer Simple Yet Elegant Bites

It’s easy to add elegance to your summer party menu without turning your casual BBQ into a stuffy, formal affair. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t impress your guests with refined Fourth of July catering items.

One of the best summer party menu items that you can do this with is juicy, sweet watermelon. People all over the country will be enjoying the sweet fruit to cool down this Fourth of July, but most do it by either eating chunks or grabbing a slice by the rind.

For a simple yet elegant twist on the tradition, cut up small cubes of watermelon and top them with an equally small piece of feta cheese and a sprig of mint. 

Another refreshing twist would be to create a mixture of mascarpone cheese and cranberries, which you could then place atop the watermelon cubes.

These summer party menu items are more akin to a cocktail party than they are to a Fourth of July catering menu, and they will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your guests.

This is where an experienced NYC catering company can help your party shine, giving your party that touch of class you desire, while staying true to what a traditional Fourth of July catering event is.

Go Fish!

Traditional Fourth of July catering menus consist of meat, potatoes, some side dishes and drinks. Fish are often absent from the summer party menu, but they shouldn’t be.

Some of the best fish dishes are done on the grill, making it a great complementary offering to your guests, whether they’re meat eaters or not. When most people think of grilled fish, salmon, shrimp and maybe even tuna come to mind.

But if you really want to “wow” your guests, try opting for grilled swordfish. Not only is swordfish a unique fish, it’s great to offer as part of a Fourth of July catering menu because it holds up well to a grill and pairs nicely with fresh summer ingredients.

Your NYC caterer could whip up an excellent salsa made with fresh cucumbers and limes to place atop a piece of swordfish with perfect grill marks. The firm, meaty flesh of the swordfish eats more like a steak than it does a delicate piece of white fish – something your guests may not have experienced before.

Make Your Own Icy Treats

Homemade red, white and blue popsicles will impress your guests.

No Fourth of July catering menu would be complete without dessert. Instead of offering the traditional options of fruit salad, a fruit pie or even S’mores, impress your guests by offering a variety of red, white, and blue homemade popsicles.

This is something that will satisfy all of your guests – both the young and the young at heart. Some simple flavor combinations could include raspberry coconut creamsicle, banana cream pie, hot chocolate, vanilla Greek yogurt with sprinkles and Neapolitan – with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry layers.

You could even offer “special” boozy popsicles for the adults who like to imbibe. Examples include blueberry mojitos, Mosow mules, tequila watermelon and mudslides.

Your NYC catering company can help you out with flavor combinations for young and old, drinkers and non-drinkers, so everyone can enjoy a final treat while watching the fireworks light up the sky.

Paul Evans Can Make Sure Your Party is a Hit This Fourth of July

By choosing a trusted NYC catering company to handle your Fourth of July catering needs, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer fun more than ever before.

Paul Evans Catering, a premier New York caterer serving Manhattan to Montauk, can help make your Fourth of July catering menu sparkle and shine. 

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