Catering NYC Graduation Parties is a Specialty of Paul Evans Catering

Catering NYC Graduation Parties is a Specialty of Paul Evans Catering

Graduation season is here and that means  catering NYC graduation parties will be at the top-of-mind for many New York families. From celebrating your  high school or college graduates, to the eighth graders and beyond, picking the right caterer for your party and the right theme will help celebrate your graduate in style.

Throwing a graduation party can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. To relieve what is often the most stressful part of the party – the food and drinks – consider how a catering NYC company could make your life easier and allow you to enjoy the party. Here are some interesting ideas for food and themes to make your graduation party the best.

Celebrate your graduate in style this spring with a catered party they won’t forget.

Pick a Theme for Your Graduation Party

Choosing a theme for your party is a great way to add personality and personalize everything for the graduate! Your theme could revolve around the college from which your child has graduated, for example, using the school colors and/or mascot as inspiration for the decorations, invitations and food supplied by your catering NYC company.

If your son or daughter graduated from St. John’s University, for example, you could theme your party around the school’s sports teams – the Red Storm. You could have a red-themed menu, including red tortilla chips with salsa for appetizers, a pasta dish with red sauce as one of the entrée options and red velvet cake for dessert. Using the school’s colors as a focal point of your food and decor is a fun way to celebrate your graduate and his or her school.

You could add to that with a theme surrounding your family’s heritage and culture, and all the elements of the party – including food, drinks, decor and even fun games – could be based around that heritage. If you are Italian, for example, you could have an Italian themed menu of food and drinks – from calamari and mozzarella balls for appetizers, pasta dishes for entrees and cannoli for dessert.

Your catering NYC company can help you customize the menu to whatever theme you choose.

Have a “Tapas Style” Menu

Catering NYC graduation partiesTapas, or small plates, have become popular in restaurants across the globe. A graduation party is the perfect occasion to try it out for your guests. At graduation parties, guests like to mingle and tend to pick on food here and there rather than sit down with a big plate of food at one time.

As such, why not skip the big entrée items and opt instead for inspiring small plates? Your catering NYC company can help create and prepare a selection  of small plates for your guests to choose. This doesn’t just mean finger foods such as chicken wings, chips and dip, and vegetables, though (although they all work just well).

You can elevate your graduation party to the next level by having your catering NYC company prepare elegant dishes that defy what people think of when they hear small plates. Some examples could be bacon-wrapped dates, marinated steak with blue cheese, chorizo stuffed mushrooms and fried goat cheese balls. Think of this like a more sophisticated hors d’oeuvre presentation that you are familiar with at weddings.

Choose the Right Catering NYC Company for Your Graduation Party

Choosing the right catering NYC company is one of the most vital aspects of planning your graduation party. Paul Evans Catering is a premier New York caterer serving Manhattan to Montauk, and they are just a phone call away to help you plan the most impressive graduation party this season whether it’s at your own home or in an off-premise location.

Paul Evans Catering has locations in Long Island, The Hamptons and Manhattan, and can help you choose among endless menu options to help you curate the perfect menu for your graduation party.

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