Being Thankful – Amazing Thanksgiving Side Dishes to go with your Turkey

Being Thankful – Amazing Thanksgiving Side Dishes to go with your Turkey

Thanksgiving is the holiday to be together and enjoy time with friends and family. It is traditional to have a beautiful turkey as the centerpiece of the festivities, however, we think there is more to a thanksgiving dinner than the turkey and that is some delicious Thanksgiving side dishes; some of which can steal the show!

At Paul Evans Catering of Long Island, New York, we have selected some of our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes we think will wow your table and your family this Thanksgiving Holiday.


Choosing Sides…

Choosing sides - Thanksgiving sides
Choosing sides


We love roasted vegetables with a roast turkey dinner, but for Thanksgiving, such a special occasion, we think that greens should get the VIP treatment too.

French Beans with Caramelized Pearl Onions & Shallots

This dish is an excellent accompaniment with turkey. The caramelized pearl onions offer a sweet kick, and with the fresh crunch of French beans, everyone will be filling up their plates.


Poached Asparagus with Dijon Mustard

Asparagus is a lovely accompaniment to a Thanksgiving dinner menu. Adding Dijon gives a depth of warm flavor. It helps cut through some of the sweetness of some of the flavors you’ll have piled on the plate.

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A-peeling Potatoes

A-peeling potatoes - Thanksgiving sides
A-peeling potatoes


Potatoes are a must-have when it comes to a Thanksgiving meal, and there are so many ways to prepare them it’s  tough to know which is right! Here are a couple of our favorites that will get you salivating!


Roasted red potatoes with garlic – We love to balance garlic flavor to elevate the seasoning without overpowering the other delicious flavors on your plate.


Sweet potato with marshmallows – this side dish isn’t just for kids, and you’ll have to make sure there is enough for seconds! The toasted marshmallows allow for these cloud-like sweets with a deliciously gooey center to spill over mashed sweet potatoes. Heavenly!


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